Data Driven Customer Experience Design

Make sense of data, focus on business results


Customer Insight Dashboards

Customers’ needs are changing. We ensure that you could see customer insights real-time with the data from all channels and understand your customers better. Detecting the breaking points and the most effective areas in your digital channels with funnel management.

Customer Profiling

Customers consist of different profiles. Determining value, behavior segments and persona, defining digital channel profile and determining profile-based channel content.

Personalized Campaign Management

Creating business results by modeling CRM channels, CRM data and digital channel funnels by creating campaign scenarios based on customer profile, type and persona.

Customer Journey Map

The customer journey differs for each customer profile. Designing an end-to-end experience journey that includes emotion maps with an omnichannel channel experience designed according to needs. In this way, while ensuring a sustainable customer relationship, productivity increase with robotic automation processes.

Team Experience

Improving the teams' experiences with the company is the critical part of the customer experience design. Therefore, by designing the program to improve the employee experience, creating solutions which make life easier with technological tools.
Bunun için çalışan deneyimini iyileştirmek üzere programın tasarlanarak, teknolojik araçlar ile hayatı kolaylaştıran çözümlerin oluşturulması.



Demet Yarkın

Demet Yarkın

Chief Experience Officer

Civan Sözkesen

Civan Sözkesen

Chief Commercial Officer

Canberk Mersin

Chief Financial Officer

Türkmen Türkmenoğlu

Chief Innovation Officer

Süleyman Sözkesen

Chief Marketing Officer

Advisory Board

Tal Garih

Management Committee Consultant
Alarko Group Strategic Planning Manager
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